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Doing Tattoo has been a staple in the Edmonton tattoo scene for the past 6 years. The shop is located on Whyte Avenue at The Station on Whyte. We are currently accepting walk-ins as well as booking appointments.

The shop is home to a diverse group of artists enabling them to cater to a full spectrum of tattoo designs and styles. From simple and clean black work, accurate portraiture, colorful Japanese styles to American Traditional, the shop is equipped to meet your specific needs.

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Call the shop at (825) 510-5990


Homemade in Galicia, Spain and raised in Barcelona. Seve has been tattooing since 1997 and doing graffitti since 1992. Specializes in Japanese style mixed with some ethnic flair. Has spent the last 15 years in Edmonton working on large body suit pieces.

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Ryan began tattooing in 2017 and has been developing a style rooted in American Traditional tattooing, but with strong influences from folk, surrealist & esoteric imagery.

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Born and raised in E-town, Kat Hays has been tattooing in Edmonton since 1999. She has a certificate in Graphic Design, as well as numerous Art and Design classes completed at the University of Alberta. Kat is diverse tattoo artist, her range includes everything from portraits and realism, to large scale custom tattoos, both in black and grey and colour. For consultations, email her at or give the studio a call.

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Doing tattoo shop photos, check back here for guest artists visiting the shop!

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